Bethany Butzer, Author, Speaker, Researcher & Lecturer at the University of New York in Prague explains the concept of "down stream effort" and how to live life and achieve goals effectively and efficiently without over exertion.

Aron Anderson, professional adventurer and conquer of the impossible talks about his struggle with cancer and how obstacles are only self created limitations.

Kamila Boudova, a fashion revolutionary, opens up the dialogue of what's cool versus what can cool the planet. Can you be trendy and environmentally friendly?

Edel Sanders, Chair of the Psychology Department at the University of New York in Prague examines if its music or comedy that will generate the most happiness by motivating the audience with a few examples of both.

Chris Hora, a world renowned Chef, teaches us how to set the table from a different perspective. Be ready to laugh and shake your head in understanding as he talks about the chemistry of getting the right guests around the table. The humor in this talk is not meant to offend but show true passion for cooking.

Pietro Boselli, model, trainer and professor, delivered a talk about the aesthetics of body and maintaining physical peak performance as well as the importance of increasing and developing the mind simultaneously.

Alena Huberová, Communications Strategist, Speaker & Trainer examines how the body communicates in many cases for you and why that can be incredibly important. What story do you tell with your body?

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