Apply today to be a TEDxUNYP speaker!

If you have an idea that needs to break free then consider sharing that with the growing TEDxUNYP community!  We are always looking for new, innovative ideas that are worth sharing and interesting members of our community or the greater global community to welcome to our stage! 

TEDx speakers are individuals who share their ideas, experiences, and perspectives on various topics in front of a live audience. To be considered as a TEDx speaker, you generally need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Relevance: Your topic must be relevant and inspiring to the TEDx community, and should have the potential to spark meaningful conversations and impact people's lives.

  2. Originality: Your talk should bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table. The content of your talk should be original, creative, and not easily found elsewhere.

  3. Expertise: You should have knowledge, experience, or research on your topic that gives you a unique perspective. Your talk should be based on evidence and expertise, and not just personal opinions.

  4. Preparation: A TEDx talk requires a lot of preparation and practice. You should be well-prepared and able to articulate your ideas clearly and concisely within the allotted time frame (usually around 18 minutes).

  5. Performance: TEDx talks are not just about the content, but also about how it is delivered. You should be able to engage and captivate the audience with your storytelling and presentation skills.

  6. Relevance to theme: Many TEDx events have a theme, and it's important that your talk aligns with the theme of the event.

  7. Adherence to TED guidelines: Your talk should follow the guidelines set by TED, including the avoidance of self-promotion, commercialism, or political endorsements.

In conclusion, to be a TEDx speaker, you should have a unique and relevant idea, the expertise to back it up, the ability to deliver it with passion and impact, and a commitment to following the TED guidelines.

In addition to having the perfect idea and a relatable way to share it speaker applicants should submit the following: 

  1. Idea Abstract - In 2-3 sentences what is your idea. In 2-3 more sentences what facts will you use to back it up?
  2. Short video of you delivering a 30-60 second version of your talk

If you have watched Chris Anderson above and you think you are ready to apply, please fill in the following and submit required documents for consideration below. 

Please keep in mind all ideas are amazing but for whatever reasons not all ideas are worth sharing on the TEDxUNYP stage.  After you submit your idea above, the team will get back to you and let you know the status of your application. 

Some ideas with traction currently include (but are not limited to): 

  • Climate Change / Sustainability
  • Psychology for social change or well being
  • Design or engineering for communities or social inclusion
  • Acts of cultural significance (art, poetry, music, dance, etc.)
  • Artificial Intelligence / Augmented Reality
  • Education
  • Ethics in new technology
  • Generational issues
Mike Bugembe
Mike Bugembe
Juwana Jenkins
Juwana Jenkins
Alessandro Bedetti
Alessandro Bedetti