Amit Grinvald

TEDxUNYP Licensee, Organizer & Speaker Coach

While presiding over the student council at the University of New York in Prague, Amit initiated the first TEDxUNYP and has remained involved since graduation. Having lived and worked in 7 countries, Amit brings a multicultural perspective with a decade of experience across various industries. His international background fuels his passion for working on projects with a global impact. Beyond his professional endeavors, Amit is a passionate traveler and fitness enthusiast, always seeking new transformative experiences.

Danai Baouraki

TEDxUNYP Co-Organizer & Event Manager

Danai works as an Admission Advisor at UNYP. Before joining UNYP she spent a few years working as a brand manager and consultant. She is a proud UNYP Alumna having graduated there with her Bachelors and Masters degrees. Danai has years of experience organizing various events, conferences, performances during her educational and professional life. Her passion for organizing has led her to help out with more events that UNYP hosts and therefore, came on board the TEDxUNYP team.

Mathias Durand

Head of Curation

Mathias is a public speaker for, a coach, and learning leader. After many years in coaching international sales, Mathias believes that human interactions are the key skills to learn in order to improve life and work all together. He has delivered many conferences all around the world, helped to promote Peter Ludwig's best-selling book "The End of Procrastination," and trained companies and entrepreneurs on soft skills.

Huy Do Quang

TEDxUNYP Partnerships Manager

Huy, an esteemed alumni of the University of New York in Prague, blends his passion for entrepreneurship with a flair for hospitality as the founder of Narodní 38 Cafe and Catering, nestled in the vibrant heart of Prague. Armed with a rich tapestry of experiences, Huy infuses his cultural insights and innovative spirit into every aspect of his business. Now, he embarks on a new chapter, bringing his expertise to the TEDxUNYP team. With his innate extroversion and keen eye for forging meaningful partnerships.

Sofiya Ogurtsova

Operations Manager

Sofiya is a Nostrification Officer at the University of New York in Prague. Her diverse professional background includes six years as an event manager and a role as deputy manager for a prestigious Alfons Mucha exhibition. Sofiya also has extensive experience as a relocation expert. Throughout her career in customer-facing roles, she has developed exceptional organizational and communication skills. Known for her enthusiasm, energy, and remarkable stress resistance, Sofiya is a passionate and dynamic member of the TEDxUNYP team.

Tom Scally

Production Manager

Following his TEDx talk in 2017, the "future of Augmented Reality in Business Education" became more of a reality through the unexpected COVID pandemic and lockdowns in 2020-22. Tom has continued to pursue his passion in this area through voluntary help, advice and support of global students to National Fire Services wishing to pursue a future with tech. He currently works in one of the big 3 software companies where he represents Customer Success Partnerships for major international firms.