Augmented and virtual reality are changing business learning. Are we ready?


Tom Scally, Global Learning & Development Manager at SAP Ariba, talks about the new reality and future of learning and communicating in the new globalized workplace. Is virtual reality replacing the classroom experience?

About the speaker

Tom comes from a well-traveled background in both personal life and professional life. Born in the UK and having lived both in the South and North of England, he graduated with Combined Sciences from Leeds University in 1998 and quickly went on to excel in a career in Retail Management in FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods). Despite a glowing career in Management, Tom made a shift into the field he is most passionate about - helping people learn. The journey in Retail grew from supporting 200 colleagues to designing and delivering programs for over 44,000 people UK wide.

Having personal travel ambitions, Tom travelled to Prague and took up a training consultant role to support the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and their British Embassies overseas in over 32 countries. He quickly propelled to Managing a Learning Team across Central & Southern Europe & Middle East which supported Local employees and Diplomats overseas from the UK. Following a 5 year experience in the FCO and a short career break to be with Family, Tom took up a career into Ariba Procurement and quickly progressed to Global Learning & Development Leadership for SAP Ariba. He manages a global team and is versed in the latest practices to support Learning & Digital Transformations in the workplace.

Tom enjoys Snowboarding, TED and Acting & Singing in his spare time as well as continually trying to get better with the Czech Language!