Millennials and seniors: two sides of the same spectrum


Daniela Slezáková, University of New York in Prague Alumni & Brand Manager at Unilever talks about the similarities and differences of generations. How they communicate, coexist and cooperate towards a shared future. 

About the speaker

UNYP's alumni, aspiring entrepreneur, passionate graphic designer and video editor in her free time, Daniela Slezáková aims to connect creativity and rational practicality in the world of business. Upon finishing her degree, she took on a role of Brand Manager in Unilever's ice cream team. Daniela is taking part in Unilever´s graduate program UFLP where she gets to experience different roles within the FMCG industry; recently she moved to the trade marketing department. She has a professional PR and marketing background in the startup and non-profit environment, which allows her to have a well-rounded worldview. Daniela´s life philosophy is that no matter what personal or professional role we take on, we should always strive to make it better than it was when we started.