Simon Steffal

Speaker Bio

Since 2007, Simon has been on a mission to support others on their paths to become better versions of themselves. With his extensive experience in people development and passion for applied psychology, Simon is able to provide deep insights into various situations - from communication and emotional intelligence, group dynamics, and personal development principles, to constructive feedback, mental models, and team or community upskilling.

Simon's entrepreneurial spirit led him to found the teal-aspiring company, Mindset Mentors, in 2019. As one of the owners, Simon is committed to helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential by providing custom-made solutions with a focus on the "long game" and strategic impact. He methodology mainly draws from positive psychology, non-violent communication, and the growth mindset.

Simon holds a degree in Psychology from UNYP/Empire State College and in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Anglo-American University in Prague. In addition, he is an accredited mentor and member of EMCC, and is currently finishing his MSc at Newton University. He is incredibly passionate about both professional and personal development, with areas of focus including interpersonal communication, applied psychology, and team/organizational development.

Grab a ticket and secure your seat to see Simon this 21st October at the UNYP Arena!