Pavlína Louženská

Speaker Bio

Pavlína is a Consultant focused on trends in technology and society, something she's garnered experience in as a a Lead Mentor in Google for Startups for Europe and Africa; mentoring business, product, management and growth in over 300 companies in 2020. She was listed among 20 people who shaped 2020 by Hospodářské noviny, and co-founded Trendspotterky.com, a consulting platform focused on trendspotting.

Pavlína is deeply passionate about female empowerment within business environments, leading her to found #HolkyzMarketingu which has grown into a 40,000+ women network over 8 years. Hosting regular workshops and meet-ups, they've trained 10,000+ marketers as of 2022.

Pavlína is a Google Certified Trainer for Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship. Alumni to Aspen Institute Young Leaders Program, YTILI, On Deck and CGYPP fellowships. And she regularly sends a newsletter on society and technology at pavlinaspeaks.com to 5000+ subscribers. 

Grab a ticket and secure your seat to see Pavlina this 21st October at the UNYP Arena!