Why you deserve design education


Jason Nam, CEO of Design Disco, argues why everyone deserves design education. Jason talks about how a summer program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design inspired him to pursue a career in this field and how we should all be inspired to learn more about the importance of design, how it differs from art and our daily interaction with it.

About the speaker

Jason is the CEO of Design Disco, a nonprofit organization that he co-founded to make design education more accessible to more people of all ages. With an amazing team of volunteer staff, Jason has hosted and led numerous workshops, panels, trips, and public events all over the world to help people discover the relevance of design in their lives.

A teacher by day, Jason also currently leads the design education program at the Visual Arts Department of Riverside School in Prague. Prior to this teaching gig, Jason worked for Samsung Engineering, Metrostav, and MAP Group as a localization specialist and architect, focusing on project development and client relations. Jason studied at the Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design and received his Bachelor's degree in Architecture at the Architectural Institute of Prague (ARCHIP). His further story can be found at: designdisco.org