What happens after cancer treatment?


Lena Fix, an inspiring young Luxembourger diagnosed with cancer at the age of 13 gives an uplifting talk about reintegration to normal. Does it ever go back to normal? And how normal is enough? Lena gives practical advice on how to be a successful survivor and how any experience can be turned into a good experience.

About the speaker

Lena Fix is a 21 years old Luxembourger studying Creative Media Production in Prague. She has chosen the field of media mainly to focus on people's stories, as she believes that everyone has something yet to be told. She is passionate about music, cooking, traveling, meeting new people, animals and environment, but more importantly she is always looking for more things to try or to learn. Any experience can be turned into a good experience.

Her humor and love for life comes from the fact that she did not have a regular teenage life. When she turned 13, Lena was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She now is fully cured from cancer and has repeatedly offered her testimony to various media outlets in Luxembourg about what does it mean to be a child diagnosed with cancer. Through this experience, she realized that there's one thing people don't often talk about: what happens after the end of the treatments?