Tatyana Fomina: Why NFTs are not as insane as we think


Passionate about the synergy of new technologies and daily lives, Tatyana Fomina presents a conversation on NFTs, why they are not as crazy as we think, and the reasons we should consider being more open to such emerging technologies and embrace their presence and role in the modern world. Tatyana Fomina is a UNYP graduate and a digital marketer, who's passionate about synergy of new technologies and modern marketing practices. Her professional background started by working hand-in-hand with deep-tech start-ups in the innovation industry, and inspired a significant interest in understanding and creating marketing strategies for modern businesses. Having lived in several international environments and worked in business communication, Tatyana understands the power of authentic connections and seeks to have co-elevating relationships in her network. This is why she currently serves in the leadership of a youth entrepreneurship and development cluster, highly involved in personal development, fostering connections with like-minded people and creating extraordinary friendships.