Shielding the Communal Ego


Ivan Sebalo explores the issue of egocentrism and how it leads to confrontation, separation into groups and escalation of aggression, rather than consolidation or cooperation. Overcoming egocentrism by developing the ability to understand the opinion and worldview of others is a vital step towards achieving agreements and win-win situations and avoiding conflict at any extent.

About the speaker

Ivan comes from a small (according to Russian scale) town in Siberia, called Krasnoyarsk. His last 2.5 years have been spent studying psychology at the University of New York in Prague, and he is truly fascinated by this discipline. Particularly, his interests lie in comprehending the intricacies of the human mind (both "normal" and "abnormal"). Since understanding the mind requires an understanding of its foundations and products, Ivan also follows biological and neurological research is and engaged with philosophy (from metaphysics to politics) and art. During his studies he has managed to conduct several studies, one of which was a pilot experiment concerning the ability of university students to control egocentric impulses.