Petr Kovařík: How chocolate can change our lives


As one of the leading authorities on chocolate in the Czech Republic, Petr Kovařík takes the audience on a journey through the cultural and historical significance of real bean-to-bar chocolate and preaches the benefits of its consumption. Petr spent a fourth of his life outside of Czechia, visited more than 50 countries and usually he spent there longer than just a few days. He lived in Cuba for two years where he understood how to love life even if sometimes it gives us a huge punch to our face. He spent several of his business years in the Emirates, Saudi Arabia or Oman where his chocolate company delivers to the Sultan of Oman. Everywhere he's been he always found the same things. You can learn something even from the most difficult situation, and secondly, everybody, really everybody deserves respect. From this he understood that harmony and balance is his goal and he continues on his path to accomplishing it. He produces chocolate and hosts chocolate ceremonies with his partner Silvie. In his book, Sila hotentota, he writes about and links chocolate production processes with our personal development, and on his podcast, "Which Czechia do you want?" he tries to harmonize our divided society.