Paula Árendášová: The healing power of twerk


Paulina Árendášová found a way to combine dance and its artistry with reclaiming her confidence and sexuality and is passionate about sharing how others can do the same. She draws on academic research to discuss the mental health benefits of Twerk and challenge societal views that label sexual expression as inappropriate and taboo. Paulina Arendasova graduated with a double undergraduate degree and a master's degree in Psychology from the University of New York in Prague. Building her career path as an accredited coach and psychologist, Paulina works as HR assistant and a certified Twerk technician. Paulina's passion is to empower women via teaching them Twerk in combination with applying the knowledge from Psychology to her dance classes. Her research published by the journal Marathon (The ASE, Department of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, Romania) shows that the dance styles focused on sexual expression (eg. Twerk) have a positive impact on sexual self-esteem and self-body image in adult women dancers. This is why she encourages people to use sexual expression as a healing tool for mental health rather than the target of prejudice. Believing the healing aspects of the sexual expression, Paulina tries to challenge the societal view that describes sexual expression as inappropriate or taboo.