Michal "Radar" Vrátný


Michal Vratny, known as "Radar," is the founder of Zelezna koule, a leading strength and conditioning organization operating three gyms in Prague. With a focus on real-world application and longevity, Michal's training system has impacted the lives of over 10,000 individuals in the past decade.

Passionate about helping people feel great, Michal believes in the power of physical fitness to enhance overall well-being. When he's not busy transforming lives, you'll find him soaring through the skies as an avid skydiver, defying gravity in the wind tunnel, carving up the slopes on his snowboard, or immersing himself in epic Dungeons & Dragons adventures.

Join Radar on the TEDx stage as he shares his insights on the importance of physical fitness beyond the gym. Discover how his unique approach to training not only enhances performance but also prepares individuals for real-world scenarios and promotes long-term health and vitality.