Marlene Svela Øvrebø


Marlene Svela Øvrebø holds a master's degree in Forensic and Investigative Psychology from the University of Liverpool and a master's in Societal Safety from the University of Stavanger. Her undergraduate is a double degree in Psychology from the University of New York in Prague.

Marlene believes that combining knowledge and insight from psychology in safety, security, and preparedness is crucial to understanding human behaviour, cognition, decision making and development and implementing necessary changes to protect against modern threats accurately. This extends to understanding and valuing human responses from being fearful to thriving.

She has experience tailoring learning to needs and abilities combined with expectations of effort and intent, where she re-discovered her admiration for resilience abilities, also described as adaptive capabilities. This year she completed a thesis on factors for strengthening cyber resilience for a complex organisation, where psychology again became apparent, as the complexity of an organisation is similar in humans, highly complex and individual. Feelings, attitudes, beliefs, values, support systems and the environment are all factors that influence how we are behaviour and how we make decisions.