Lenka Helena Koenigsmark: How to combat decision making fatigue


Lenka Koenigsmark draws on her personal and professional experiences to explore decision-making fatigue and its implications and present actionable solutions that we can implement in our daily lives to combat this condition and its challenges. Lenka Helena Koenigsmark is a marketing director at MATTEL Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary where she makes children´s dreams come true. Acts as a corporate citizen in promoting diversity and inclusion Being a mother to a handicapped child resulted in becoming a devoted blogger on Instagram flagging that "Happiness has nothing to do with handicap ". Worked for LEGO and WELLA cosmetics, initially her background is master's degree in finances and financial markets, yet luckily, she never entered this field thus saving many companies from going bankrupt as marketing is more of her DNA than economics. Mother of two, devoted to yoga, finally after a year head stand master, after the birth of a first son decided to play the piano as to fulfill a child´s dream, resulting in a long journey lasting already for more than 8 years. Soon to be at Carnegie Hall (well in 20 years plus).