Jakub Dvořák: A tribute to peace


Whether it's a global pandemic, natural disasters, or war, we have seen determination, fearlessness, and support shine across the world, keeping us all hopeful that the best of humanity will always win over its worst. Choreographed by Jakub Dvořák, Fragments Production presents their dance tribute to peace. Elevating the Czech dance industry. That's the goal for Jakub. He started dancing when he was four. However, he never studied dance conservatory. At 16, he started his professional dancing career in agencies around Europe. He quickly got into dancing for brands such as Adidas, Hilton or Hyundai, but he knew he wanted to create more than dance others' choreographies. When he was 18, he took over his home dance studio, which was at that time one of the weakest ones on the scene. A year after launching the studio he opened his professional dance agency called Fragments Production, which has done over 200 shows for Czech artists such as Leoš Mareš, Mikolas Josef, Pavel Šporcl, and brands such as Bosch, Mercedes or Tezenis, as well as TV shows such as Czechoslovakia Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, adverts and concept videos. He now runs three Movement Studios in Prague, Brno and Veselí nad Lužnicí. The dance schools are currently the most successful ones in Czech Republic.