Is Imagination the Key to Saving Mother Earth?


Olya Esipova connects imagination and environmental issues. Now, in the time of numerous social, political and economical problems we rarely think about environmental issues although nature is the basis of our existence. Learn about the world's most bizarre Saiga antelope and why imagination is just the beginning of the solution. 

About the speaker

Olya Esipova is a Psychology student at University of New York in Prague from Uzbekistan, Central Asia. Winner of the Young Conservation Leadership Award she is an active member of the Saiga Conservation Alliance (SCA), a network of researchers and conservationists protecting the critically endangered Saiga Antelope. She is a passionate conservationist, and has been involved in wildlife protection since childhood having come from a family of dedicated biologists. Fortunate enough to have been given access to the most stunning wildlife throughout even remote regions of Uzbekistan sparked her interest for volunteering with wildlife sites and in local communities. Olya also discovered a deep fascination as well with human nature itself, which is why she chose to study Psychology.