Inside the mind of a TikToker.


Like most generation Z, Alessandro took to the Internet and social media to cope with the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. He was able to turn the lockdowns into a career jumpstart, having filmed more than 100 TikTok videos a month for more than a year now, he very quickly amassed a following from Italy and all over the world. His charismatic and sincere approach, matched by his piercing blue eyes set TikTok aflame, drawing the attention of his current clients, agents and bookers as well as so many adoring fans as he filmed his way through trend after trend and even created his own original content.

At 18 years old, 1.4 million TikTok followers, the sky is the limit for Alessandro. In 2021 he has already featured in the Italian TV Mini Drama 'Nudes' as the loyal best friend, and is currently filming his first feature film, where he will play the starring role of a pro gamer. Alessandro will continue next year his studies at the Scuola d'Arte Cinematografica Florestano Vancini, where he will continue to practice and develop his acting skills, achieving the first steps in his childhood dream of becoming an actor.

Social Media fame has not been only a story of success, but as Alessandro will discuss in his first live stage performance for TEDxUNYP, the many downsides to this quickly gained fame as well as the amazing benefits. He will demonstrate the skill and time that it takes to make a video and show us that its not as easy as it looks. Alessandro has in fact used TikTok to not only build his career, but also to strengthen his acting skills and boost his confidence. Let's see what comes next for this talented young man. 

Alessandro Bedetti - Actor and TikTok creator