Innovating the Israeli way!


Linda Štucbartová explains how to find creativity by examining Israeli innovation, using three principles found in Israeli thought. Can we be innovative without being creative? Innovation, agility, creativity and 'out of the box thinking' seem to be the buzz words thrown around today. What happens if you were born missing the creative gene regarded as a prerequisite of innovation?

About the speaker

Linda is the founder of Diversio, her vision is to combine empowering talented women and facilitating academia and business cooperation. As her first initiative, she organized the first Women's Entrepreneurial Mission from the Czech Republic to Israel in October 2018 and is currently working on her second mission to Germany.

Throughout her career, she consistently established extensive partnerships between the government, academic and corporate sectors and provided them with valuable perspectives as well as deep business insights. She held managerial and leadership positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Servodata and ŠKODA-AUTO before spending the last five years as a Partner at ATAIRU, providing executive coaching, external consulting and leadership development to various companies, from scale-ups to Fortune 500 corporations across the CEE region.