Impossible is easier than you think


Rafael Badziag, looks at how you approach impossible challenges. How do you achieve something when all odds are against you? Is there a methodology to make it happen? Rafael Badziag managed to accomplish seemingly impossible things and even produce outcomes nobody has dared to try before, because they were so incredibly unlikely. In this speech he recounts the lessons he learned during these undertakings and gives advice on how to bring about similar results in your own life. Rafael explains how to bend the probability in your favor so that what seemed impossible becomes possible for you.

About the speaker

Rafael Badziag is a Germany based global entrepreneur, top TED speaker, best-selling author and angel investor. He is a valued expert in psychology of entrepreneurship, specializing in self-made billionaires and was featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX as well as in USA Today, Wall Street Journal and other national newspapers and TV networks in several countries.

His passion is learning his limits and crossing them as well as learning the limitations of the people around him and helping them to overcome those.