Imagining Your Way to the Future You


Victoria Velvet took words such as "hope", "wish" and "dream" out of her vocabulary. These words were just not empowering her as a person during her journey to her "imagined me".  

About the speaker

Victoria was born and raised in Cape Town - South Africa. She moved with her family to the Czech Republic in 1998 where she continued her studies in music. Growing up she was influenced by music. In 2006 she released her first album under Universal Music ''THIS IS ME'' and went on to release a second album in 2009 '' VELVET''. She has since then toured and released many singles that are played on European radios. She has lived in many countries and toured in many countries and her vocation is'' imagine a better you everyday''. Victoria is the cofounder of the charity organization Velvet smile and has recently launched an e-commerce shop BODYBYME that sells Brazilian fitness wear for ladies. Victoria regularly sings live vocals with DJs and is working on her next album.