Esports is impacting the future of entertainment.


Petr Andrýsek is the founder and Chief Shark of Socialsharks, the leading social media agency in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Socialsharks is active in eight countries, with a team of 50+ sharks and offices in Prague, Tbilisi and Berlin. In his decade of social media experience, Petr has worked with more than 500 clients and over 1000 brands.

 Petr's passion is building companies and businesses. In 2017, he switched his focus to esports, and invested in several esports startups. Petr intends to leverage his marketing expertise and passion for gaming to grow the industry, promoting awesome projects like MADMONQ as the next generation of brands that will make industries such as esports sustainable.

Petr is an experienced corporate trainer and public speaker, training over 200 top managers and giving over 30 talks and speeches every year. 

Petr Andrýsek - Founder and Chief Shark, Socialsharks