Does size really matter? …when it comes to brains.


Edel Sanders is a researcher, lecturer and the Dean of Psychology at the University of New York in Prague (UNYP). In addition to her responsibilities at UNYP, she lectures in pedagogy and psychology at Charles University. After earning her bachelor's degree (summa cum laude), from Columbia University, she documented the impact of musical learning on inner city children's self-esteem and academic development through research with Columbia's Arts Education Research Center while completing two master's degrees there.

Post-Columbia, Edel went on to pursue her PhD in Education and Cognitive Psychology at the University of Cambridge. While there, she joined the Neuroscience Lab and the INSTRUCT educational psychology research group. She later supported field research with the Comparative Cognition lab at Cambridge University that investigated individual traits and social learning in the natural environment of wild jackdaws.

Future research goals include exploring cross-species consciousness, cognition and language, fostering altruism in humans and enhancing cognition through music, mantra and other therapeutic interventions.

Edel is also an award-winning composer and opera singer who enjoys sharing her art in beautiful Prague and beyond.

Edel Sanders, PhD - Dean of Psychology, University of New York in Prague