Defeat Yourself to Conquer Your Goals


Huy Do Quang, the son of Vietnamese immigrants in the Czech Republic shows the struggle that his parents went through upon encountering a new and different culture. However a silver lining lies behind every story in a form of a lesson learned. Huy's life journey taught him that in order to reach his goals, he needs to defeat himself.

About the speaker

Huy is in his last year of his undergraduate studies of Business Administration at the University of New York in Prague. His family has immigrated to the Czech Republic when he was only two years old and has lived here for the past twenty years. Having been brought up between two diametrically opposing culture systems, namely the conservative east Asian and the open, free-minded European, has added a challenging dynamic to his life. However, it also provided an opportunity to look at the world through multiple lenses, to see different kinds of beauty and to break down stereotypes. Moreover, Huy is a passionate martial artist; he currently holds the first-degree black belt in Taekwondo WTF. Moreover, Huy is a foodie; he enjoys all kinds of cuisine, mostly his native Vietnamese and Italian. He is fascinated by new technologies and one day would love to become a part of that process.