Daily Energy Supplied by Imagination


Ciaran Kelly walks us through a process of using imagination each and every day in order to improve both your health and your life. Why do we refuse to exercise our imagination, because someone else wants us to be efficient? If we use our imagination on a daily basis, only then will we control our lives and destiny. 

About the speaker

Ciaran S. Kelly is the General Manager of Zepter International and a Member of its Board of Advisors. Previously he was head of the Task Force Team at SKODA Auto 2011-2013, and before that Director of Sales, Operations and Marketing for AAA AUTO Group 1999-2010. In addition he has been teaching courses at Prague universities in the subjects of Humanities and Business/Communications since 1999. He also helped to start the Czech Association of American Football back in 1992. Since then he has coached or refereed every season. He has 5 x National titles as coach of Prague Panthers.