A dance of defiance and joy from Southwestern Bohemia.


Czech Traditional Art represented and developed with the highest quality. That is the philosophy standing behind all activities of the Pilsen´s folk group Mladina. Mladina group is an ensemble of songs and dances based on tradition. They were founded in 1954, in Škoda Plzeň. The current name of the group refers to Pilsen´s tradition - mainly to their good beer - and has been used since 1994. The main inspirational sources for the group´s repertoire can be found in the area of southwestern Bohemia, particularly Chodsko and the countryside around Pilsen city. The group cooperates with prominent music authors and choreographers while creating their own choreographies and musical arrangements. For their performances, Mladina dancers and musicians only use authentic folk costumes based on traditions of specific Bohemian areas. They as well create their own costumes for all their musical dance performances. Pilsen´s folk group Mladina also achieved international success - they got 1st place in the dancing couples category and 3rd in the main category at the prestigious World Dance Festival Cheonan in South Korea. These are just a few examples of the quality and determination that Mladina nurtures.

Plzeňský lidový soubor Mladina