Building universal skills for life through sports.


Since his childhood in the Soviet Union, Radomil has devoted his life to acquiring new and unique experiences. He has visited over 120 countries, and pursued careers ranging from top-class sportsman and successful break dance crew member, through army prosecutor, judge and attorney, to director of one of the largest US financial companies.

After an 18-month paternity leave break to spend time with his three sons, Radomil was unexpectedly fired, forcing him to rethink his life priorities. He decided to focus on creating his own business and on recreational activities. In 2019, Radomil returned to the corporate world by taking on a Brand Activation job with Česká spořitelna, the largest bank in the Czech Republic. Radomil has written two books, Vilismus and New Boss, and is the founder of the unique UNIVERSAL SPORTSMAN championship, which covers over 100 sports and identifies the best all-round male, female and youth athletes in the world.

Radomil Štumpa - Founder, UNIVERSAL SPORTSMAN