Building a Brand: The New Way Out


Jordon Rooney is the first personal brand coach in the NCAA (USA college sports) for Duquesne University. He has been featured in ESPN, Bloomberg, Sports Business Journal, and The Boardroom. He is also the CEO of Built Different, a creative agency that focuses on brand transformations in the digital age.

A digital innovator and personal branding expert from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jordon works to amplify the impact of brands from individuals to large companies. He started out speaking in schools, and then moved into creating videos to capitalize on the impact social media can have. Jordon ultimately grew his video platform to over 140K followers and more than 20 million views.

This drove the launch of his nonprofit NFBD, which started one of the first social media agencies run by high school students. This year, Jordon has won 8 international creative awards for his agency's work for a few major brands.

Jordon Rooney - CEO, Built Different