Blake Wittman


Giving in without giving up - a story of finding gratitude everywhere. 

This poignant talk delves into finding gratitude in life's most challenging moments and teaches us how to fall or fail rather than avoid it. Drawing from his near-death experience, Blake Wittman shares insights on resilience, positive outlooks, and the power of gratitude. His story is an inspiring lesson on facing adversity with grace and finding joy in every circumstance. Blake Wittman has seen the inside of massive Fortune100 global giants as well as 5-person startups. He has a 20+ year career highlighted by a passion for people and purpose. After a short stint in Citibank Blake entered the recruitment arena and began a career focused on quality relationships, strong ethics, and a deep belief in making a positive impact. Well-known executive search firm, SpenglerFox, was started and grown across Central Europe by Blake where he personally serviced leading blue-chip financial institutions. However it was when he helped build the award-winning, venture capital-backed internet startup, Lime&Tonic, which influenced, challenged, and sharpened his view on business and the potential to impact the market. Blake is now European Business Director, and shareholder, of Good Group, which comprises GoodCall, Recruitment Academy, and Datacruit. All three companies have a common goal of waking up the recruitment industry and evolving the human relations market.