Ancient Building Blocks to Happiness


Martin Pavlíček looks at happiness and how to reach it. He points out that we aren't taught how to be happy, but maybe we should. What would a class on happiness look like?  

About the speaker

Having held a number of high-profile positions in central European public relations, Mr. Pavlíček brings a case study approach to UNYP Public Relations classes. Mr. Pavlíček holds a master's degree in Public Relations from La Salle University, USA, as well as an MBA from L'Institut universitaire Kurt Bösch in Switzerland. Mr. Pavlíček has held several high-profile PR positions, including the Czech energy giant ČEZ Group where he worked in internal communication, as a spokesperson and as social media manager. He also worked as the director of corporate communication department at Unipetrol - the largest Czech petrochemical and refinery group. He currently works as corporate communication director for UPC Czech Republic.