As twin brothers, Amistat—Josef and Jan Prasil—share an unspoken and

unexplainable bond best sung aloud. Having just come off their latest sold-out European tour reaching an audience of over 10.000, listeners delight from the power of their bond coursing through familial harmonies and eloquent song craft accented by individual idiosyncrasies.

Born in Germany with roots in the Czech Republic and Australia (thanks to mom

and dad), Josef and Jan actually grew up in Italy until high school. After five years

back in Germany, they eventually made the move to Australia and founded

Amistat. In 2019 the guys planted new roots in their hometown of Rosenheim, Germany

and turned inward for inspiration.

"We're so different, but we unite when it comes to music," Jan observes. "We grew

up listening to the same songs. If you harmonize with a sibling, it's different from

harmonizing with a person you're not related to. Since we're twin brothers, we

pretty much have the same agenda. We never wanted to do anything else, because

we've lived a very similar life. That's what makes this so special."