Cameron Hughes

Speaker Bio

Our surprise speaker just took the stage (or "boogied" his way there) - and we're so excited to have Cameron Hughes energize us in a way no one else can!

For over 26 years, Cameron Hughes has ignited crowds at sporting events across the globe. The only professional sports entertainer of his kind in the world, Cameron has performed at over 1,500 events including 2 Olympic Games, 5 NBA Finals, 3 Stanley Cup Finals (NHL), and the US Open tennis tournament. His relentless optimism, infectious cheering, and unbridled dancing have delighted and energized unsuspecting crowds, lodging Cameron's indelible spirit in over 30 million people's memory banks – often without anyone even knowing who the man with the famous dance moves really is.

Although Cameron specializes in helping people laugh and let go, the heart of his story is equally about taking risks, challenging social conventions, seeking peak performance, and contributing to a greater purpose. His unorthodox method of connecting and inspiring crowds has been put into action not only at the world's largest sporting events, but also at corporate events for some of the world's most renowned companies, and in philanthropic service to those in need.

Cameron's recent memoir KING OF CHEER recounts this inspiring story of perseverance and self-belief, giving a front row seat to how he took his genuine love for people and turned it into the most unlikely of careers. Starting from humble roots in Ottawa, Canada, it's a once-in-a-lifetime tale about a loveable underdog who couldn't make his high school basketball team, but would eventually rub shoulders with the titans of sport on the world's biggest stages.