Arthur F. Sniegon

Speaker Bio

As a Silesian native from the Beskydy mountains in eastern Czech Republic, Arthur was always close to nature. He began to explore vast areas of equatorial Africa during his university studies where he was alerted to the ongoing threat that elephants and other species are facing due to poaching, trafficking, and habitat loss. This spurred him to set out on a solo expedition for 15-months, biking and kayaking for nearly 6000 km through the most remote areas of Cameroon, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central African Republic, and Chad. All the while Arthur was determined to investigate, document and change the dark reality of violent ivory poachers.

Until 2020, Arthur lived in Central Africa where he volunteered and worked in the mitigation of the human-wildlife conflict, investigation of illegal trade with ivory and other wildlife products, and the deployment of sniffer dog units. While pursuing his mission, Arthur has collaborated with organisations such as African Parks, EAGLE Network, WWF, WCS, the Jane Goodall Institute. And several Czech ZOO's and Universities.

Since 2020, Arthur has been actively engaged in landscape and species conservation and raising awareness back home in the Czech Republic, while regularly traveling back to Africa to carry on new missions, projects and collaborations.

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