Andrea & Tobias

Speaker Bio

Grab a ticket and secure your seat to see Andrea & Tobias this 21st October at the UNYP Arena!

Tobias and Andrea are a dynamic, creative couple with a passion for exploration and a knack for tackling physical and mental challenges. Having embarked on a year-long journey through Latin America, they have gathered a wealth of experiences and insights to share on the TEDx stage.

Andrea is a Hungarian social entrepreneur and coach dedicated to promoting mental health and wellbeing. With a background in strategy consulting, event and project management, she founded Talent Courtyard, a London-based start-up focused on creative wellbeing and professional development. Additionally, she is actively involved in building a talent incubator for creative entrepreneurs. With fluency in five languages, Andrea brings a global perspective to her work and has a keen interest in creative problem-solving, organizational psychology, arts, sustainability, and fostering inclusive environments.

Conversly, Tobias is a multitalented composer, musician, and IT professional from Sweden. With proficiency in multiple instruments, Tobias composes and plays music in various genres (mainly contemporary classical & punk) that resonate with diverse audiences. Additionally, he leverages his skills as a photo/videographer to craft compelling content for social media and various platforms. With his fun and personable nature, Tobias creates a positive environment wherever he goes.

Through Andrea's & Tobias's combined skills, unique perspectives, and adventurous spirits, they're ceaslessly shaping innovative ideas that impart enlightenment onto others.