The Global Impact of Online Communities


Allarik Mappa Curtis focuses on how technology is growing at an accelerating rate, and that many tools that were not available to use in the past are becoming more prevalent and a world without these tools is also becoming harder for us to imagine. This talk references specific examples to discuss the global impact online communities have in today's world. 

About the speaker

Allarik Mappa Curtis is a 4th year student in the University of New York in Prague. Born in Indonesia to Indonesian/Australian parents, Allarik lived in China and the Czech Republic providing him with insight into different cultures and experiences that the world has to offer. He enjoys traveling and photography which go hand in hand. From his traditional Indonesian roots, he has adopted the love of cooking as it is heavily embedded in his culture. He has lived in Czech Republic for 5 years which has been an inspirational stay because being in the heart of Europe gives him access to many countries, seeing and meeting many people that come to visit Prague. Czech Republic is also known for its own beauty from architecture to landscapes to amazing natural formations. Allarik's future goals are to help those in need and leave a mark on this world by making a difference one step at a time which is why he is also heavily involved with an NGO called Youth Included.