Finding authentic sound in a jungle of pop music.


Singer, Songwriter, Producer 

Mikolas Josef was born in 1995 in a village outside Prague, Czech Republic. Although Mikolas has been musically inclined since he started playing guitar at the age of 6, he started his career in modeling, working for fashion brands such as Diesel and Prada. In 2015 Mikolas started taking his passion for music more seriously, and worked as a street performer traveling from city to city around Europe to gain experience and build his signature sound. In 2015, he released his first singles "Hands Bloody" and "Free," which made it into the Czech top 20. After the success of his first two singles, Mikolas moved to Vienna to work with renowned music producer Nikodem Milewski, where they produced the hit song "Lie to Me." In 2018, Mikolas accepted an offer to enter "Lie to Me" in the Czech National Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. "Lie to Me" won the national contest, and later took 6th place in the overall Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal. He remains the most successful Czech contestant in the Eurovision Song Contest to date and one of the most internationally known Czech artists.

Mikolas built his own career by himself, he was able to develop skills in singing-songwriting, music production, music video direction and choreography. Mikolas became a member of the Forbes 30 under 30 list at 2019 after being named one of the most inspiring Czechs of 2018 by the same magazine.

He has focused on building his portfolio of music and fine-tuning his signature sound, releasing hits like "Me Gusta," "Abu Dhabi," and "Acapella." Release of Mikolas Josef's  "Acapella" was the most successful yet, his song "Acapella" was #1 on radios for 3 consecutive weeks in Czech Republic, had over 1.200.000 YTB views in 24 hours, over 13.000.000 YTB views by now. His latest single, "Colorado" is the most successful song in Poland now reaching top positions on Polish radio stations, and was number one on the biggest stations, RMF.FM and ZET radio.

Mikolas became a fashion and dancing singer icon among young generation in Czech republic . He spends his free time writing new music, touring for his fans and hitting fashion weeks in Paris and Milan.

*Photo Credit: Lucie Kryštofová