A Solution to Modern Urban Transport Problems


Juan Nicolas Pinzon Guevara discusses his definition of an entrepreneur and goes on to present the idea behind his new project, Clog, which aims to solve modern urban transport problems in South America. 

About the speaker

Juan is a dreamer and doer. He is a Colombian entrepreneur who was chosen from more than eighteen million people worldwide to work with Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group). His dream is to innovate and do business with new technologies, create jobs in his home country of Colombia and in the world. His devotion to his ideas has led him to trade his desk at HSBC Bank for his dreams. He started his ventures in oil and dreams of new processes to change the world. Then came the opportunity of his life - working alongside Sir Richard Branson. At that time, Juan's dream turned into something tangible and he decided that every enterprise he'd launch should influence society to make it better. Branson told him something that has become his mantra when undertaking new tasks: "the most important thing is simplicity." It has become clear for Juan that the idea of simplicity is the essence of entrepreneurship.